Tuesday, November 23, 2010

About Me

For over ten years now I have had problems with my digestion.  I was constantly bloated, looking about 3 months pregnant the whole time. I would have, ehem, frequent trips to the loo and lots of gas! My sister liked to refer to me as a gas bag!! nice!  I also get very bad headaches and migraines where my hands would even curl up and get tunnel vision.  I'm still not entirely sure this is associated with my digestion problems but i reckon so.

I went to several doctors but they all said that it was most likely irritable bowel syndrome.  They made the diagnoses based on my story and did not rule out any other conditions.  Unhappy with this diagnosis I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some research.  This led me to a book called Fat Around the Middle by Marilyn Glenville. I followed the advice she gave in the book, low and behold my stomach shrank.  I should also say that I was religiously going to the gym at the time but had been doing so for a year and had not shifted a pound in that time.  However that week I lost a whole stone.  Obviously this was just my bloatedness going but hey what a result.  I concluded from this that I has an intolerance to wheat.

Sadly though this was not to last.  My stomach gradually started to reappear even though I was still off the wheat.  At this stage I couldn't really remember what I had and hadn't eaten that week so was unable to figure out what it could have been.  I tried avoiding few other foods such as tomatoes, dairy and then dairy and wheat together.

I was giving up hope so decided to do a blood test with the Fitzwilliam Food Test clinic in Dublin.  The test was sent to my home, where I then done a finger prick test and sent it back.  I had the results back very quickly.  The test showed a high intolerance to Corn, Dairy and Yeast.  My Borderline foods were egg whites, chillies, wheat, sheep's and goats milk, and plums.  I was sceptical of doing this test from the start but quickly removed these items from my diet.  Martin Healy, from the Fitzwilliam food test, then rang me and went through the foods with me.  He mentioned my major problem with yeast.

After my phone call with him I started to remember reading about Candida Albicans.  I done the home test for this where you spit into a glass of water first thing in the morning.  If you had a candida overgrowth in your system then little tails would come out of the spit and head down to the bottom of the glass.  From this test I was then positive I had candida albicans.

I began the anti-candida diet.  As the weeks went by I continued to eliminate extra foods from my diet.  I started making all my foods from scratch.  Banned Sugar along with my intolerant foods.  Straight away I felt much better.  The gas issue started to subside and began to deflate!

I decided to start this blog to share my progress with others and share some tasty recipes that I started to make.

I would love you to leave comments and share your experiences.

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  1. ive been on the candida diet myself and have had amazing results. i look and feel better, but i still have a constant battle with sweets craving. ive been able to use natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners such as splenda and have had no issue, but i still have constant cravings. how do you deal with this?