Thursday, November 25, 2010

FOS - Warning

I started taking large doses of probiotics after reading a book called The wonder of probiotics by John R. Taylor and Deborah Mitchell.  I started to do the Flora Blitz.  This involves taking high doses of probiotics for 5 days then reducing the amount and taking them for another 5 days, again reducing to a lower level and then onto a maintenance level. 
I started to takes Udo’s Super 8, these contained more bacteria than recommended in the book.  I am taking one with each meal and Im not going to reduce them until the entire bottle of 30 is gone.  I also started taking FOS.  FOS is supposed to be a prebiotic which creates a friendly  environment for the good bacteria.  However I noticed that i started to get diarrhea  and suspected that this was due to the FOS as it is fibre. I found an interesting article about FOS and as a result I will not be taking it anymore.  It suggests that it also creates a friendly environment for the bad bacteria too! Yikes!!!  Going straight home to bin every bit of FOS whether is true or not I aint taking any chances!  Still taking the probiotics though.
Here is a link to the article:

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