Monday, November 29, 2010

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling has been mentioned in the ancient texts of Ayurveda.  According to "The healing process is accomplished by the human organism on its own. In this way it is possible to heal cells, tissue and all organs simultaneously, the body itself gets rid of toxic waste without disturbing the healthy microflora." 

Oil Pulling involves swishing 1 tablespoon of either sunflower oil or sesame oil around your mouth for 15 - 20 minutes first thing in the morning, before washing your teeth.  It is recommended that you use cold pressed oils.  You basically just swish the oil around your mouth pulling through your teeth.  Once the time is up you spit it out and rinse your mouth.

Common diseases like allergies, common cold and cough, Candida, dental caries, gum diseases, infections in the mouth, keratosis pilaris, ear, nose, throat, eyes, and pains like headache, migraine, tooth pain, neck pain, back pain etc, allergic sneezing, lip cracking, fevers, irritability etc cured.

When I first heard about oil pulling I thought it was crazy.  How could swishing oil around your mouth and spitting it out have any effect on your health.  I had first heard about it when I was trying to find a solution for Keratosis Pilaris (little red spots on the backs or arms and thighs).  I dismissed it as something ridiculous.  However I have since read that it helps with Candida too and having Candida is probably the reason I have keratosis pilaris.  I thought I would give this ago, as it was not going to cause me any harm.

After three days of doing this first thing in the morning I noticed my throat glands swelling up, they remained like this for a week and I felt like I was getting a sore throat but it never fully developed.  I not sure if they were related but I think so.  I also had a problem with my jaw, on and off for the last 10 years my jaw would get very sore and I could not open my mouth very far.  This could last for a few days up to a few months.  When I started the oil pulling my jaw had been sore for about 2 months.  After the second day of oil pulling I could fully open my mouth.  This of course could be a coincidence but it will be interesting to see if it comes back.   I also feel my keratosis pilaris (such a ridiculous name!) has started to clear up, and the skin on my feet looks a lot better.

Has anyone else tried oil pulling and found it cured anything?  I would love to hear your experiences.



  1. Thanx sister! Interesting, never heard about this before!

  2. seems to be very good for your health, some even found it whitened there teeth, save a lot of money on laser teeth whitening!!

  3. ooh very good, let me know if you find any benefits for you