Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pau d'Arco Tea

For ages I have been searching for Pau d'Arco tea once I heard of its benefits, its used to treat fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. Oddly there was no sign of it in my local health store but I was delighted when I found it in Nourish in Dublin.

As happy as I was to find this tea I also dreaded the taste.  This was going to be disgusting.  But if there was a chance it would help I was willing to give it a try.   You can imagine my amazement when it tasted like caramel!!  Maybe it only tastes like caramel to the non sugar eaters but I thought it was delish!  I am now trying to drink 3 cups a day although have only managed 2 a day.

I read more about this tea on   Here it said Drink up to one liter daily for as long as six weeks, then take a four-week hiatus prior to resuming another six-week course of Pau d'Arco treatment.  There are also some other cautions so I recommend reading this before you decide to drink it.

Im not sure if its better to take this in supplement for or tea.  Has anyone any ideas?  Do you think it tastes like caramel too!


  1. I don't know what I think it tastes like.... but to me it didn't taste like carmel. I don't like it!!! I did use pau d arco but in a capsule and liquid drops.

    My favorite is licorice root (Alvita) and I really like daily detox... can't remember the brand name of the daily detox.

  2. Oh.... I hate milk thistle tea, but milk thistle is suppose to be great for the liver.

    Candida usually messes up the livers of people who have it. I now have my liver under control and am working on my gallbladder using the milk thistle capsules.

  3. Hi Terry, maybe the tea taste nicer than the liquid. The liquid is probably stronger like a tincture or something. The tea I got says there is 2000mg of oure pau d'arco bark per teabag. The brand is Rio Amazon.

  4. I just got on here to see if anyone else thought it tasted like caramel also ... oh good we must be drinking the real thing then