Friday, December 3, 2010

Candida Tests

The list of symptoms is very long and its probably a very good idea to get tested if you have some of these.  Especially if you haven't got severe symptoms as these may develop over time or they may become chronic.  Its possibly quicker to treat if caught early.  Here are a few ways to get tested:

Spit Test
One simple test that you can do at home is the spit test.  When you get up in the morning get a glass of water.  You need to do this before you put anything in your mouth.  Gather up the saliva in your mouth and spit into the water.  You should keep an eye on the water for the next 15 minutes and see if any of the following happen:
  • Your saliva stays at the top and you see thin strands that look like strings or legs extending downward.
  • Your saliva floats to the bottom and looks cloudy.
  • Your saliva is suspended in mid-air and looks like little specs are floating.
If you have any of these in your glass it is a sign that candida is present.

Candida Questionnaire
With the questionnaire you answer a series of questions, at the end you are given a results that may indicate if you have candida.  Here is a link to a questionnaire:

Medical Test
You can have a blood test done that tests a combination of IgA, IgG and IgM. None of the Ig tests are reliable alone. They must be used as a combination.  I has this test done with the fitzwilliam food test in Dublin.  They sent out a finger prick kit.  You simply prick your finger and send back the blood for testing.  I received my results in less than 10 days.  I also confirmed my results with the spit test.  If you have a positive result with the spit test I would recommend this intolerance test too as food intolerance's are often associated with candida.  
Here is a link to the fitzwilliam food test:

Happy Spitting!!


  1. I did the spit test, resistance test and the blood test. That was after I went through the candida diet. I kept thinking i still had candida, .. Turned out I had leaky gut... just as bad though as having candida

  2. Hi Terry,
    what test did you do to find out you had leaky gut?

  3. scored 135 in questionnaire...think my milk image needs to be removed!!!

  4. Yeah unknown legend maybe a picture of a goat would be better!!