Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feeling lighter!

When I first started on the anti candida diet I was 10 stone and 8 pounds, a bit to heavy for my 5ft 2in!  I was going to the gym 4 to 5 nights a week and following a gym program for over a year.  My instructor could not believe I had not changed weight in all this time as she could see my fitness progress as it was all computerised.  I was very disheartening. 

I ended up leaving the gym at the same time as I started on the anti candida diet.  I instantly began to loose inches but no weight.  I even dropped a dress size and remained the same weight.  I thought this must have just been the bloatedness disappearing.  As I had looked about 3 months pregnant and now had a flat stomach.  Then last week I was in hospital and they weighted me. I was under 60kg!  I wasn't sure what this was in stones but I knew it was not 10st 8 either.  When I got home I weighted myself again and true to form the spindle shot up to 10st 8! 

The next day it dawned on my that my scales was broken.  Although it was wishful thinking as I had been 10 st  8 on the gym scales too.  But it was enough for me to run into town and get another one.  But I'm so glad I did now as it has given me a massive boost to keep going on the anti candida diet, as am now weighting in at 9 st 1!!!  I nearly fell off the scales laughing.  Best candida news ever :D

Yours lighter!

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