Monday, January 3, 2011

My Current Program

I began the attogram program on the 7th of December and I have to say I really feel it helps.  Before I started to do the program I was randomly taking different anti fungals and was getting die-off symptoms and just generally feeling crap.  I decided to start the attogram program with whole approach so I would have some structure to my program.  I'm very happy so far and have even ordered my second months supply.

First thing in the morning I get 8oz of water and add 1 tbsp of Bentonite Magma and 1tbsp of Caproyl Medical food and 1 rounded tsp of Psyllium Powder (Husks and Seeds). I do not eat for an hour and a half after the drink.  I have the drink again in the evening 2 hours after my evening meal.

The attogram program also includes a probiotic but you cannot buy it if you are overseas or so I originally thought.  I have since found out that they will send it to you in the winter but not the hot summer months. I will be taking their probiotic next time but for now I'm continuing to take Udo's Super 8 until my next order.  I take one tablet with every meal.

I really expected this drink to be foul, but even though you couldn't describe it as delish its not that bad. It just taste really bland. 

What is the best thing you have used to get rid of candida and what caused the worst die off?


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