Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crispy Lips

Today I have reached the 3 month mark of my anti candida diet.  I must say, I am feeling so much better.  I don't fly off the handle as much, my mood is much more stable now.  I was always a very happy and positive person but at times I would go from being relaxed to seeing red in a split second.  Maybe its the diet or maybe no fiery situations have come my way.

My bm's have greatly improved.  I would even say they are normal now.  Never thought I would say that!  Of course, this is with the help of the attogram phase 1 products,  I am almost at the end of my second month on the Whole Approach program.  If I make a mistake or give in to temptation I don't feel like I pay for it later like I used to.  I sure this slows my healing progress but at least it causes no suffering.

One bad thing though, last week I developed little cuts in the corners of my lips, I put on loads of lip balm but the more I put on the worse they got.  I googled my condition and well wasn't too surprised to see the words candida albicans pop up in the causes.  Turns out this is a little candida infection.  I also checked the ingredients of my lip balm as it didn't seem to help in any way.  Turns out there was citric acid in the lip balm.  So there I was rubbing yeast into my yeast infection!!!  Needless to say I have thrown that lip balm away! 

I am now wondering if these cuts were caused by the anti-biotic I was talking or if they were caused by the lip balm.  Probably a combination of both.  I already have the driest lips in the world so am currently trying to find a good replacement that contains no evils.  I have tried the trilogy one that contains only natural oils but haven't had much success. 

If you have found a lip super soaker that works and has no yeast please let me know.
Yours Crisping Away,


  1. I think that dry lips are a side effect of of the Candida. Mine have always been so bad that my sister claims I was addicted to lip balm. Since I have improved my diet my lips don't chap nearly as bad and I am not thirsty ALL the time. Watch for gluten in lip balm too because I have heard many have it. I have had the best luck with a cheapo western family lip balm. It seems to sooth my lips but not make them peel. Good luck.

  2. Hi Shiny,

    I'm so glad you are feeling good on the candida diet.

    I'm also very annoyed with myself - I bought and used some tomato passata this evening, with citric acid in it. I saw citric acid in the ingredients and thought nothing of it as I thought it was just citrus.. Damn, damn, damn! That's gone in the bin! Thanks for alerting me to it!

    I've always used vaseline in the little pots, and have never found a better lip balm. Hope they improve for you soon :)

  3. Hi Stacie, I think you are right. I don't I ever met anyone with lips as bad as mine! I also have an obsession with lipbalms. None of them seem to work. For my next one im going to try one from Nuxe. Its called Reve de Miel and has mostly natural ingredients so hopefully it helps. Looking forward to the day when I'm further into the diet and my lips have improved. I must check out the gluten in lip balm. Thanks

  4. Hi Starry-Eyed,
    The same happened with me, I thought I was being really good until i discovered the evil that is citric acid. Once I found out about it I stopped buying anything with it. But unfortunately I never checked some of the contents of my press because months later I discovered it was in my Organ No Egg Replacer!! I was horrified!! Anyway its not the end of the world but its good to find these things out. I have found some tins of tomatoes that have no citric acid in them, one is from the organic company and the other from Biona. I think both also do a passata that is free of it too. I find you have to keep checking the back of the tin every time you buy some more because one day there is no citric acid the next day its there!

    I mostly use Vaseline too but I have to put it on every ten minutes! Hoping to find a more permanent cure but I think Stacie might be right and just have to progress with the diet and the beautifully moist lips will come :P

  5. When I am at home, I use organic coconut oil on my lips.

    I was also getting a lot of cracks at the sides of my lips and found out that is a sign of parasites.

    I am now doing my 4th week of the parasite cleanse and haven't had any more cracking....

    So glad to hear you are doing better.

  6. Hi Shiny, I have exactly the same problem with lips. I just started the candida diet 6 weeks ago. It helped few things, but lips are the same. None of the chopsticks work for me. The only thing that stops the pain is Hyland's "Calendula Off." ointment. I know Candida feeds in moist environment, but I can't go to sleep with my lips hurting. This stops pain at least. I am hoping no sugar diet will help in a long run. I just started Facebook group for people who are currently on Candida Diet. I figured it would be nice to share stories and to support each other. Please join if you can.