Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Pizza that could have been.....

I have found it difficult to find a pizza base recipe that is a really good substitute and one you would want to make again.  I've had a few failures but you could at least eat them.  However, the last attempt was truly stomach wrenchingly disgusting! The texture was like gum, you just couldn't stomach it.  The most annoying part was the fact it looked and smelled fab.  I could not wait to mow into it!!!  This is it before it went into the oven for the last time.....

I don't know where the problem came from.  I used xanthum gum for the first time, maybe this was the cause or the fact that the recipe just said to use a gluten free flour. So I randomly put a mix of flours in.  Has anyone got a really nice pizza base recipe for me to try?  I have a major pizza craving that i really need to sort out especially now that im on stage two and can have my beloved pineapples.

Would love some suggestions